Blue Voyage

Thanks to the unique atmosphere of the Marmaris region, you can enjoy your stay in the calm bed of the sea.

Daily Private Tours

Sail to Marmaris Paradise Island, Magara, Aquarium Bay, Green Sea, Amos, Kumlubuk, Ciftlik, Gebe Church and more undiscovered bays.

Car Rental

You can rent our 2019 Model Vehicles. You can rent a car from our fleet to make your transportation easier on land as well as at sea.

18 Meters Motor Yacht

2003 Model 3 Cabins, 6 Person Accommodation with our magnificent motor yacht with the unique blue of the sea combine luxury. You can contact us for Special Organizations.

About Us

You decided that you and your family needed some time in the warm blue waters of Marmaris . Undoubtedly, you want to relax in the sun, enjoy delicious food and exciting water sports. Luxury yacht charters offer you this opportunity. On these boats, you, your family or friends are the only passengers on the yacht. In Rent a yacht , you choose the perfect crew, boat and route for yourself and your guests. Your Yacht Charter company will help you plan your dream route from the start. The chef on the yacht will prepare a menu for your holiday.

More information

With the proposal of marriage on the boat, which has become very popular recently, you can surprise your loved one. Whether one-on-one or with your relatives and friends, you can make your marriage proposal accompanied by a crowded yacht tour.

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Kiralık Tekne

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Kiralık Gulet Ve Doğal Tatil Fırsatları

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Güzel Anlar İçin Neden Kiralık Yat Kiralamalı?

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Customer Comments

I have interviewed many boat rental companies for our holiday in Marmaris. I chose this company to be suitable and high quality. I was dreaming of a relaxed holiday and I would say I found what I was looking for here.

Sadettin Cemci - Customer

If you want to rent yachts and boats in Marmaris, you can choose a company with peace of mind. Reliable and affordable prices.

Vahit Çimen - Customer

While on vacation in Marmaris, we reached KLC Yachting by searching the Marmaris Yacht Charter on the internet. They provide very professional service with 4 friends who have chartered the yacht for 3 days.

Kerim Eryılmaz - Customer

If you are planning to rent a yacht, undoubtedly the best company in Marmaris. The friendly yachts are very comfortable.

Ali Altıok - Customer

Thank you very much for making the most beautiful sea tour of my life … It was a great pleasure to see the most beautiful bays of Marmaris … Excellent service;))

Sinan Urgancı - Customer

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